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Bolters with integrated twist locks connect containers to the carrier vehicle. The twist locks must always be used as set out in the instructions in the operating manual for
the relevant vehicle. In Germany you must comply with the TÜV regulations and the Road Traffic Act StVZO, as well as the existing standards.

Load details for twist locks and bolsters

The basis for the load details is provided by static test bench tests that comply with the JOST testing standard.


The details for the maximum gross container weight only apply:
• For securing and transporting standard containers, such as freight containers that comply with ISO 1496, interchangeable containers that comply with EN 284 or EN 452 or directly comparable versions.
• If at least four twist locks of the same load group are used for each container.
• For almost uniform load distribution (load in the interchangeable container).
• For transport on metalled roads.

The details for the maximum gross container weight do not apply:
• To special applications, such as crane bodies, tipping containers, etc.

Product range of bolsters

rec. gross container weight* max. (kg) Twist lock retractable Integrated guide roller Containerchassis Intermodal vehicle / trailer Locking pin diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Inner parts identical with type of twist lock Order No. Drawing No. Figure see page...
18.000       ø 52 R 405 VAK 62.5 QT 160-80 V 410.150.000 88
      ø 52 R 405 VAK 74.8 QT 160-80 RV 410.151.000 90
        ø 38 R 406 VAK 61.1 QT 166-80 V 410.183.000 88
      ø 38 R 406 VAK 73.4 QT 166-80 RV 410.168.000 90
  120     ø 52 R 405 VAK 139.2 QT HV120-05 410.199.000 92
  150     ø 52 R 405 VAK 140.7 QT HV150-05 410.203.000 92
  200     ø 52 R 405 VAK 143.2 QT HV200-05 410.200.000 92
25.000       ø 52 R 405 VAK V 76.2 QT 200 V 410.081.000 80
      ø 52 R 405 VAK V 88.7 QT 200 RV 410.139.000 90
34.000           132.9 QT FB2004V 410.191.000 95
            72.0 QT FB45FT 410.140.000 97

* Depends on the centre to centre distance between the longitudinal supports



All bolsters are delivered unmounted.

All twist locks can be screwed.

All spare parts with item number are zinc-plated.


Indications for mounting of the locking ring:
• For the installation of the locking ring an appopriate tool has to be used.
• Intallation tool locking ring, please see chapter Installation tool for locking rings.
• The locking ring has principally to be replaced after dismantling the inner part of the twist lock.

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