Fifth wheel couplings and mounting plates

JOST submitted the patent application for the first cast steel fifth wheel coupling almost 60 years ago. Since then, JOST’s fifth wheel couplings have been a success story around the world. All renowned vehicle manufacturers put their trust in JOST’s expertise and performance.

The extensive product range and high quality are just as crucial for the customer’s trust as the company’s innovative skill and reliable global supply of finished and spare parts.

JOST provides fifth wheel couplings for any application. This includes weight-optimised pressed metal and robust cast steel couplings for imposed loads between 6 and 74 tonnes. Almost all variants are available with a large selection of pedestals in all common heights and with all common hole patterns for plate and frame assembly. Depending on the model and height, it is possible to reduce the weight by up to 100 kg. Different sensory variants that build on one another guarantee secure operation under all conditions, while the automatic lubrication solutions brought together in the LubeTronic product family save time and money.



Design / features

JOST’s range includes the perfect fifth wheel coupling with the required imposed load for a wide range of applications – from lightweight distribution traffic to normal road transport; from site traffic to heavy duty transport.

Excellent quality

  • Patented and reliable design
  • High-quality casting
  • Certification in accordance with ISO/TS 16949
  • Excellent corrosion protection

Wide range of products

  • Couplings for imposed loads of 6–74 tonnes
  • Pressed metal or cast couplings
  • Various bearings and mounting heights
  • Weight-optimised frame assembly possible
  • Low-maintenance variants
  • System solutions such as Sensoric and LubeTronic available for all common fifth wheel couplings

    Verified safety

    • High level of operating reliability
    • Regular inspections during series production in accordance with ECE R55
    • Can be used in complicated loading conditions
    • Automatic latch arrangement
    • Only a visual inspection is required to ensure proper engagement
    • Protection against unauthorised opening is possible using a padlock
    • Various sensory solutions available

      High operating comfort

      • Long, easy-reach handle
      • The operator does not get dirty
      • The latch is released using a cable
      • Optional: One-handed operation with or without latch

        Customer-oriented service

        • Global site and dealer network
        • Expert individual support by sales and customer services
        • Customer support during the planning phase based on CAD data
        • Extensive distribution and global supply of spare parts

          Very easy maintenance

          • Stageless adjustment of the locking mechanism, resulting in lower wear
          • Easily replaceable top plate liners
          • LubeTronic solutions available for easier lubrication
          • All wearing parts available in practical spare parts kits

              Fifth wheel couplings and mounting plates

              Fifth wheel couplings and mounting plates



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